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Sport Dirty Dirt!

Hello all sports dirt fans. Alot has been going on since I have last wrote. There is much more to talk about too. Where to start? We could start with President Elect Barack Obama feels that the NCAA Football needs a playoff system. He has much bigger things to worry about that the College football. In his statement last night that he is not going put any of Congress’s time into making that happen. He has to help the country produce 300 million jobs before he worries about the BCS.

Next up OJ Simpson is finally where he should of been in 1996, behind bars. He was found guilty of all counts of Robbery  and is serving a lenghty sentence. The judge in this case was stated as saying that his sentence is not a pay back for any past sentence.  I bet it feels good for the Goldman and Brown family to finally get closer on there case, now that the Juice is behind bars.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was arrested on December the 9th on corruption charges. What a lovely state I live in. Only in America is it the place where the governor’s make the License Plate. That is all I am saying about that.

So does anyone else have anything to add?

Sportsdork is still da House

Hello all in Sports land. I am still here but have taken a break from writing. I know there are tons of sports news to right about.  From the last time I have written there is has been alot going on. I am going to be writing a couple of post today. Thanks for the support.

Sports Dirt Presidential Support Goes to

To my fellow readers, After months of watching the debts and the speechs. I am proud to announce that Change is coming.  Changing is coming in to help me and all my fellow middle class. After the 8 years of the country being in the worst shape that it has been in since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, it is time to shake things up. Let bring in somebody that is going to do something for the people of the country. The Hard working middle class. The people that are rich do not need tax breaks they need to be putting there money into the country. I want the person that is going to make a difference for my children. Someone that is not going to make are country look like idiots, Someone that can make great speeches.

THe Person that I am voting for and Suporting for next 8 years is none other the one the only Barack Obama. Everyone please get out and vote for change. Make it so that I can have money to spend.

Top Press Conference Rants!!!!

Jim Mora Playoffs Rant:

Allen Iverson Rant:

Dennis Green Rant:

Bobby Knight Rant:

Herm Edwards Rant:


Avery Johnson’s Rant:

All Great Coaches Rants:

Hope you all enjoy. Can anyone think of any others that they enjoyed over the years.

What a weekend for Football!

What an unbelievable weekend for football. It all started on Saturday, with the show down in Texas. Oklahoma come in as the number one team in the nation and leaves with a loss. Oklahoma State goes into Missouri and beats them. LSU goes into Florida and comes out with a loss. This shows and anyone can get beat on any given day. Michigan gets beat by Toledo team that is not well know. Illinois on there homecoming gets beat in a great game against Minnesota. North Carolina beats Notre Dame by a point. Is Notre Dame for really? I do not think so. I feel that are no where the talent level that they where when they played during the 90’s, but they could be there in a few years. Joe Paterno has a Penn State team that could play for the National Title. He is doing an unbelievable job with a team that was not picked to win the big 10. They go into Wisconsin and beat them to a pulp. Georgia shows why they where rated number 1 in the preseason polls beating a Young Tennessee team. So where does it go from here. The NCAA Football season is not won or lost in September or early October. I feel that there is going to be a 1 loss team in the National title game. I think that Penn State can run the table and be one of the only undefeated team and that Joe Pa will ride off into the sunset with a National Title.

Now lets get to Sunday. Five Games end at the Wire. Arizona beats those Cowboys on a blocked punt in overtime. Atlanta rides a great pass with six seconds to go in the game by Matt Ryan to beat the Chicago Bears with a field goal. Minnesota beat the Detroit Lions by a field goal at the end of the game. The Houston Texans beat the Miami Dolphins with a touchdown pass at the end of the game by Matt Schaub. The game that I like was Brett Farve showing that he still has it and the New York Jets left the  Cincinnati  Beagles winless. What a season so far and it is not even half over. My Pittsburgh Steelers have the toughest schedule in the league and they are 4 and 1. They are going to show everyone what it is all about and win a sixth superbowl ring. You have heard it hear first.

So what game this weekend was the best game you watched? What Surprises did you see this week? I would really like to hear from you.

Lane Kiffin: Your Fired!!!!

The circus in Oakland plays on. Raiders owner Al Davis ended the 3 week drama yesterday and fired Lane Kiffin over the phone. He didn’t let him make it to work. The biggest think to it all is Davis was able to let him go without pay! So how does that work? Davis stated that he picked the wrong guy. I am sorry Al but you have picked the wrong guy to run the team in your self. You Al Davis should not be running this team! You Al Davis should fire yourself! This team has been in shambles when you are the one picking the talent and the assistance coaches. Let your head coach have a say who he wants to work with and you could have another superbowl ring. I do like the young talent that you have in there on offense, you have players to build around. Let your coach develop them and keep your nose up in the press box where it belongs and off the side line.  So my advice to you Al Davis is stay in the press box, hire a GM and let him build your team.